Smile With Confidence With Dental Implants

gainesville dental implants

When you suffer from the loss of a tooth, or possibly several natural teeth, then you need a prosthetic that restores function and beauty to your smile again. For an option that looks and functions like a natural tooth, we could recommend dental implants. At our helpful local Gainesville, TX dental office, we can offer a full and stunning smile with our advanced dental implants!

When to Consider Dental Implants

Dental implants are a tooth replacement option that can address minor tooth loss or even cases in which a patient has lost most or even all of their natural teeth. They do more than just fill a gap in your smile. The implant portions are inserted into your jaw and are biocompatible, meaning the body accepts them as natural structure. This stimulates the growth of jawbone structure, so you don’t lose mass and density as you typically would following tooth loss. As a result, you maintain your youthful facial structure and your new teeth can last far longer than traditional bridges or removable dentures. When you have lost a tooth, talk to our team about implant dentistry.

How We Place Your New Roots

If we decide this is the best option for you, then we will use advanced imaging technology, including the PreXion Excelsior CBCT imaging machine, to take clear and detailed images of your jaw and mouth. We can use these to plan the placement of your dental implants, so we let the right angle, position, and depth to insert them, so they can stimulate the growth of structure and also support your crown or denture, helping you obtain new teeth that look and function like natural ones.

Completing Your New Tooth

Once your new posts are in place, we may need to wait for the area to heal before we attach an abutment and crown to complete the individual tooth, or multiple abutments and a denture. For some, we may be able to attach the denture portion in the same visit. You now have teeth that look natural and can be cared for as you would natural teeth. They don’t need to be removed for soaking either, and never slip when you eat or speak. Instead, you have lifelike and durable results that can last decades to come with proper care and attention.

If you have any questions about how our team will plan and place dental implants, or if you have gaps in your smile that need attention, then contact our team to get started.

Schedule Your Implant Appointment Today!

Our team can offer tooth replacement that looks natural and lasts for years to come. If you are looking for a full smile again, schedule appointments for each of you at Grand Avenue Dental in Gainesville, TX at (940) 668-9000 today!