Renew Your Smile With A Gorgeous Dental Implant

dental implants gainesville txThe loss of a tooth can feel like a personal failing, but it is important to remember that you have a path forward. Prosthodontics is the special field within dentistry that handles the replacement of natural teeth with beautiful and functional alternatives, and there is an innovative approach that is quickly becoming the most popular approach to revitalize smiles.

With a new dental implant from our Gainesville, TX oral health team, you can regain your trust in your smile. This method uses sophisticated scientific principles to provide a secure foundation for your new prosthetic solution, and dental implants bring a wide versatility to your restoration. If you have been struggling with your smile due to missing or failing teeth, talk to a knowledgeable provider about your options, including the placement of a new biocompatible dental implant. Whether you need a single tooth replaced, or if you are looking for a full set of implant-retained dentures, our team is here to help you find your way forward. give us a call today to schedule your consultation!

Dental Implants Give You A Bite Security That Other Methods Simply Cannot

The amazing innovation of dental implants starts with the scientific backing that gives them their strength. This method starts with the placement of a sturdy titanium post within the bone tissue of the jaw, and through a biomechanism known as osseointegration, your body allows it to remain as it heals around it. This post has threads, similar to a bolt, giving your bone the ability to grow snugly to it, forming the foundation for your new repair. Since your implant post has such a strong connection to your jaw, it gives your prosthodontic solution a sturdier base, giving you the confidence to safely bite even the most difficult of foods. Feel the freedom that comes with biting into an apple again!

Lost More Than One Tooth? Dental Implant Restoration Can Help

Dental implants provide a versatile prosthodontic solution, as well. Due to their placement process, implant dentistry can help replace teeth in any location of the mouth, and even multiple instances of loss. This is just one more way that dental implants bring you a new and innovative way to replace your missing teeth.

In fact, implant-retained dentures have quickly become one of the most sought-after whole-mouth replacement options. These use a set number of implant posts (typically four per jaw) to mount a beautiful set of dentures, bringing you the strength of titanium to your new smile!

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