Professional Teeth Whitening Brightens Smiles

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When you have stained teeth, you want a treatment option that can brighten your smile and offer dramatic results. Instead of relying on store-bought options, why not seek professional cosmetic treatment with our team? Our Gainesville, TX dental office provides professional treatment to brighten your smile by several shades!

The Causes of Teeth Stains

How do we develop unsightly stains on our smile? These brown and yellow discolorations form on the surfaces of our teeth due to factors like poor oral hygiene. When we don’t brush and floss properly, this allows plaque and tartar buildup to develop and make discoloration more visible. Lack of professional cleanings to remove the buildup every few months is also a factor. What we eat and drink matters too. When we consume too much sugar and starch, harmful oral bacteria can break it down to elevate oral acidity and create plaque and tartar. If we consume drinks with dark pigments, such as coffee, tea, soda, and red wine, this can also cause dental discoloration. Understanding the causes of your stains can help you keep your smile brighter for longer.

Professional Teeth Whitening

When you’re shopping, you can likely find a number of products that provide whitening, such as toothpaste, strips, and even rinses. While they can brighten your smile, the results are very minor and short-lived, and these products are also linked to tooth sensitivity too. But with a professional whitening option, we can remove discoloration and brighten smiles by several shades, often up to eight. The procedure is also designed to limit tooth sensitivity too. We want to help you tackle your stains with long-lasting results that inspire confidence and help you feel great. We can also discuss better oral hygiene habits to help your new results last for longer periods. If you have permanent discoloration, the stains that form beneath your enamel and are often referred to as intrinsic discoloration, then we could also offer bonding or veneers to mask them and instantly brighten your smile.

Keeping Your Smile Bright

Following treatment, you can take steps to help your results last, and improve your oral health in the process. You should cut back on sugary foods and drinks, and limit your beverages that contain dark pigments, or follow them with a glass of water. You should brush and floss daily, and of course, find time to see us for a professional dental cleaning every six months. These actions fight discoloration, as well as tooth decay and periodontal concerns. If you have any questions about teeth whitening, or about any of our other cosmetic treatment options, then contact our team today.

Talk To Your Gainesville, TX Dentist About Tooth Whitening

Our team can brighten smiles and help you enjoy stunning results that last for months. If you would like to find out more or schedule a visit, call our Gainesville, TX dental office at (940) 668-9000.