The Impact Of Cosmetic Dentistry

man with nice smileWhat stops you from showing off your most confident smile? Many people are uncomfortable with the appearance of their teeth. Because it only takes one small dental flaw to disrupt your appearance, a “minor” change can rob someone of the confidence they previously had. Our Gainesville, TX dental office is ready to help you move past your discomfort and feel great about the way you look! We provide different approaches to cosmetic dentistry. In doing so, we can target and correct flaws with conservative care. You can be surprised by how little time and work is involved in your treatment, and you can be excited by the lasting improvements that treatment delivers!

Are You Less Than Happy With Your Smile?

Maintaining your dental health is certainly important. With that said, you can be free of active oral health concerns and still feel uneasy about the appearance of your smile. Discoloration, minor wear and tear, spacing issues, and more can cause the kinds of disruptions that frustrate people. What you should know is that cosmetic dentistry can often take on these problems. In fact, the right service can produce the right results with just one conservative procedure.

How Cosmetic Services Correct Flaws

Cosmetic services are able to target different kinds of flaws that make people unhappy with how they look. Porcelain veneers offer one treatment option. These thin, durable restorations only cover the front surfaces of teeth, but in doing so, they can hide discoloration, enamel damage, problems with spacing, and more! We also provide the option to brighten teeth with a professional teeth whitening service. Professional whitening agents are able to lift discoloration left behind by store bought alternatives, ensuring you see more exciting results.

We Can Also Take On More Advanced Smile Concerns

Some patients need to tackle active oral health concerns to see the cosmetic changes that they desire. Our office is ready to help if this is the case for you. Whether your issues call for dental crowns to restore vulnerable teeth or prosthetic treatment to address gaps in your smile, we can provide a lasting resolution, one that improves your health, bite, and appearance.

Talk To Your Gainesville, TX Dentist About Cosmetic Dentistry

Through cosmetic dentistry, our practice takes on the different issues that can make people reluctant to share their smiles with the world. We can consult with you about both your options for treatment and the goals you have for improving how you look. We can also help if you have unresolved oral health problems that limit your confidence in your appearance. If you would like more information on cosmetic dentistry and its potential impact on your smile, call our Gainesville, TX dental office at 940-668-9000.