Start 2024 With Checkups For The Whole Family!

checkups for the whole family gainesville txAs we head into the new year, take the opportunity to keep your dental health at a high level with a checkup, not only for yourself, but also for your little one. They need routine examinations just like you do, and their schedule can match up with yours, as each of you should see the dentist every six months at the very least. What better way to show them your dedication to your family’s wellbeing than with checkups for the whole family to start 2024 off right!

At our helpful local Gainesville, TX dental office, we can be a guide to help your family keep your smiles safe. By setting a dental exam at the start of the calendar year, you can help yourself to remember to stick to your schedule, and this is a vital step in preventing the development of cavities or periodontal disease. You have the power to protect your smile with consistent visits to the dentist, so why not start your new year with a fresher, safer smile?

Their Little Smiles Need Dedicated Care, And So Do You

In the new year, make oral health one of your top resolutions, for both you and the rest of your family. Your checkups are important, and if it has been a while since your last visit, bacterial buildup of plaque and tartar may have started to form. Plaque is the initial phase of this accumulation, and it is what you brush off of your teeth at least twice every day. This can calcify into tartar, which is a harder material, and at this point, you need the help of a trained dentist or dental hygienist to remove it. These biofilms lead to tooth decay and periodontal disease, so take the time to come in checkups for the whole family to see whether you or your child need a little help in removing plaque and tartar buildup.

Be Their Dental Role Model With Checkups For The Whole Family

As their parent, you lead by example, and the dental office is a great way to show them how it’s done. They may feel a little nervous about visiting the dentist, so by scheduling your semiannual dental checkup at the same time as theirs, you can be a positive health role model. The start of the new year is always a time for new beginnings, so if your family is behind on your checkups, take this opportunity to find your way back to your schedule of appointments.

Schedule Your Family’s Next Appointment Today!

Has it been a while since your family met with the dentist? If you are looking to get back on track, schedule appointments for each of you at Grand Avenue Dental in Gainesville, TX at (940) 668-9000 today!