A Straighter Smile In Less Time

smiling woman and aligner orthodontics conceptIf your smile is not as straight as it should be, you can have more than just cosmetic issues to address.  There are different problems like poor bite function, oral hygiene difficulties, and even difficulties with your jaw alignment. At our Gainesville, TX dental office, we can provide orthodontic treatment solutions that resolve these issues and make positive changes to the way you look. You can be happy to learn that we can do this while also shortening the time it takes to produce your results. Through accelerated orthodontics, we can produce results in less time. We can do this with different appliances, including discreet clear aligners.

There Are Many Reasons To Prioritize Orthodontic Work

You can certainly see cosmetic improvements from having your teeth straightened. With the right procedure, you can make yourself more confident in how you look by closing gaps between teeth, improving the symmetry of your smile, and straightening out teeth that overlap. What you also do is improve your oral health in several key ways. That can come from improving your bite function and jaw alignment, and it can also come treatment making your smile easier to keep clean. By doing so with accelerated orthodontics, we can help you see the results that you want in a surprisingly short time!

We Offer Accelerated Orthodontics

Accelerated orthodontics can reduce the kind of treatment that would take 18-36 months into the span of just 3-8 months. We can do this with traditional bracket-and-archwire braces or with a more conservative option like Invisalign trays. During your initial appointment, we can perform an evaluation of your teeth and bite function while discussing orthodontic services with you. From the information we gather, we can determine what the right path might be in terms of how your adjustment is performed.

Making Corrective Work Part Of A Plan To Improve Your Bite Function

While many patients begin orthodontic work because they express an interest in improving the way they look, treatment is sometimes recommended to take on non-cosmetic issues. For example, we may discuss orthodontics as part of a larger plan to improve your bite function. People who suffer TMJ disorder can experience worsening pain when they bite and chew, and they can be more vulnerable to issues with nighttime teeth grinding and clenching. If appropriate, we can discuss making treatment for your uneven teeth part of a larger plan to improve your jaw and bite health.

Talk To Your Gainesville, TX Dentist About Straightening Your Smile!

Through work to straighten your smile, we can improve your oral health and your overall appearance—because our practice uses accelerated orthodontics, we can offer these benefits for you in a surprisingly short time! If you would like to learn more about how we can help, call Grand Avenue Dental at (940) 668-9000.