Enjoying Your Custom-Made Denture

The loss of one tooth can become a significant issue for your smile and dental function. The more teeth you lose, the more this problem can start to overwhelm you. For people who have suffered significant losses, a sense of pessimism about treatment can stop any actions from being taken. What you should know is that there is an effective solution for this problem. At our Gainesville, TX dental practice, we provide both full and partial dentures to our patients. Through the creation and placement of a custom restoration, we can provide a denture that is more comfortable than you think possible. This means you have more support throughout the day when you bite, chew, and speak. It also means boasting a more natural smile, one that you are happier to share with the world!

How Much Can A Denture Really Do For Me?

The longer you go without treatment for significant tooth loss, the more the problem can impact your life. Limited bite strength means losing the ability to enjoy many nutrient-rich foods that prove difficult to bite and chew. Your incomplete smile can also make speaking more difficult, and it can effectively take away all confidence in how you look.

The right denture can help you completely bounce back from the problems we associate with tooth loss. Showing off a full smile can certainly renew your confidence. You can also enjoy the health benefits that comes with improved bite support! Whether you need a partial denture or a full one, the restoration you receive will be crafted with care to provide the ideal fit and comfort throughout the day.

We Provide Custom Full And Partial Dentures

A partial denture is an appliance that closes gaps left by several missing teeth, even when teeth are missing from different areas. The appliance is specially made to fit all gaps in your upper or lower teeth, and it can be held in position with clasps on the backs of remaining teeth. This one appliance offers comfort when you bite, chew, and speak while also giving you back your complete smile.

A full denture completely replaces an upper or lower dental arch. We take care to capture your measurements and the shape of your jawbone and gums in order to provide a tailored fit from the appliance. With that better fit, you have an easier time feeling comfortable with the presence of your denture and enjoy more functional support.

Talk To Your Gainesville, TX Dental Office About Receiving Your Custom Denture!

When you receive your custom denture, you can enjoy real improvements to your appearance and health while also feeling more comfortable throughout the day. If you would like to learn more about this and other services we provide, call our Gainesville, TX dental office at (940) 668-9000.

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